Gallery of Eeeeevil!!
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The Original Sailor Sith
Ariel/S.S. Ayameru, Emi/S.S. Eimin, Geri/S.S. Iyagaru
 and Kougo Adra/Kendra, their Queen

Ariel transforming into Sailor Sith Ayameru, edited by Priire (Asteroid)The original three Sailor Sith and their Queen, Kendra  (87453 bytes)Picture and poetry by Priire (Asteroid)   (287051 bytes)The Alpha Sith by Priire (Asteroid)    (114439 bytes)by Chouko (Chibi Dantooine)   (161552 bytes)by Priire (Asteroid)   (110758 bytes)
Queen Kendra, edited by Annika (Bakura)   (25841 bytes)
Manga based pic of the Evil Queen, edited by Priire (Asteroid)   (169262 bytes)Poetry and picture by Priire (Asteroid)   (205050 bytes)by Kirana (Omwat)   (58385 bytes)

Sailor Sith Kayla and her alternate persona, KayKay
Kayla - created by Ippin (Yavin) (142737 bytes)KaylaManga.jpg (379158 bytes)KayKay and Ariel  (58492 bytes)Chibi-Kayla.jpg (146516 bytes)KawaiiKayKay.jpg (104715 bytes)

Sailor Sith Firrerre/Aerin Magneta
Sailor Sith Firrerre, edited by Kirana (Omwat)  (9635 bytes)Sailor Sith Firrerre attacks!!   (49309 bytes)Sailor Sith Firrerre's first pic.  (79720 bytes)
Aerin with her hair up, edited by Kirana (Omwat)  (28049 bytes)Dressed to kill, edited by Kirana (Omwat)   (95170 bytes)A sad Sith, edited by Kirana (Omwat)   (30928 bytes)A lovely manga version of Aerin, edited by Kirana (Omwat)   (46372 bytes)sithwoman2.gif (8029 bytes)

  SS Stardust   SS Acidspray   SS Indu San             Leila                                 Cyrus                 
      Pic from "The Exalted Star" by Nom (Dathomir)  (21670 bytes)    created by Shourong (Chibi Bespin) - Chibi Bespin gone over to the Dark   (48579 bytes)     SS Indu San attacking!  pic and character by Myou (Sekot)   (91920 bytes)      New villian by Chouko (Chibi Dantooine)  (33241 bytes)  Cyrus - a Jedi Master gone Dark - created and pic by Chikako (Myrkr)  (20368 bytes)

       Darth Syn/Sith Charming                       Sith Knight Wayland/Yousei Akki
Darth Syn (created by Rene/Dantooine) doing his DarkEyes attack!  by Priire (Asteroid)   (50049 bytes)Poetry and pic by Priire (Asteroid)    (100652 bytes)       Sith Knight Wayland created by Nom (Dathomir)  (91290 bytes)GoodWayland.gif (13429 bytes)SKW.jpg (45324 bytes)SKWMask02.gif (22403 bytes)

Lady DragonFlower/Gingitsune Kiji and family
Kiji - created by Melesse (Chibi Mimban) - pic edited by Annika (Bakura)   (32274 bytes) Lady DragonFlower - poetry and pic by Priire (Asteroid)   (99891 bytes) Lady DragonFlower doing "Aura of Rose Manipulation" by Melesse (Chibi Mimban)     (154094 bytes) by Melesse (Chibi Mimban) (268908 bytes) by Kirana (Omwat)    (125442 bytes)
  by Annika (Bakura)   (56661 bytes) by Kirana (Omwat)  (63472 bytes)      Kiji's sad mother, Titai - drawing by Melesse (Chibi Mimban)   (114898 bytes)Kiji's sister, Seibel - drawing by  Melesse (Chibi Mimban)   (48332 bytes)Kiji's sister, Seibel - ignore the man and the blindfold!  lol  by Melesse (Chibi Mimban)   (21582 bytes)

          SS Vortex/Mistique
         Mistique - created by Oola/Ryloth - pic by Kirana (Omwat)   (63194 bytes) by Kirana (Omwat)  (142365 bytes) by Priire (Asteroid)   (52304 bytes) by Priire (Asteroid)    (65965 bytes)

The Vampire Clans and Oame
Lamia, leader of a vampire clan - created and pic by Annika (Bakura)   (233586 bytes) Doll, Lamia's follower by Annika (Bakura) Lamia, tired out from a night of being eeevil!  by Priire (Asteroid)  (54490 bytes) Ame's dark sister by Annika (Bakura)  (45101 bytes)

Evil Nagareboshi/Shooting Star
Evil 'Boshi created and pic by Boshi (Shooting Star)   (72389 bytes)Eeevil 'Boshi with wings - by Nagareboshi (Shooting Star)   (19894 bytes)

~ Deceased Villains ~
(okay, I know the vampires are *technically* dead, but they still exist unlike these guys/gals, lol)

         Sith Lord Corellia/Kai             Angels 7 
Kai - created and pic by Souru (Corellian Knight)    (66732 bytes) by Souru (Corellian Knight) (132679 bytes)     The Angels 7 (created by Bakura) as interpreted by Chakra (Chibi Dathomir)  (182165 bytes)

Tai/Sailor Hapes
by ??  Tai was originally the good Sailor Hapes, but fell to the Dark Side.  She was killed by the Sailor Sith when she refused to kill a senshi.   (107189 bytes)

The Wallpaper of Eeeeeevil!!!
Wonderfully eeeeevil collage by Kirana (Omwat) (171697 bytes)